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අවසානයට පෙර ඈ ගියා.....

My friends, This is my first Sinhala post .I thought of writing this post  in Sinhala because this post is going to be a poem.( Though we ,I mean I ,write in English, I still think in Sinhala. And I prefer thinking in Sinhala. Not to mention that I still cannot think fluently in English.: Mind you ,Thinking in English is not translating into English what you have thought in another language.) This post is about a nice topic. "LOVE". It is a nice topic to talk on, think, as well as to write.So I tried ( this will be or will not be my best ) to write something on this nice topic.And please do not make the mistake of thinking that  this is an experience of mine. ( Imagine the power of imagination.Huh!!!)
Again your comments are highly valued and will sometimes improve me.

සරසවියෙ නිති නියත අතරේ
 ගතිමි පෙම නියතක් කියා
 මා ඉදිරිපිට හෙළි කලා ලොව   සියලු දේ අනියත කියා
 සරසවියෙ පොත් පිටු අතරෙ ඇති  ඔබෙ මතක නියතව තියා  ඔබෙ වෙනස නිහඩවම දැරුවෙමි  ඉවසීම පෙරුමක් යැයි කියා

 ලියූ පෙම් කව අඩක් සපුරා   …

CIMA or BSc .Eng.?!?

Image May I repeat the question? CIMA or BSc.Eng. ? Let me give you the answer. If I were to choose between them  I’d choose BSc. Eng.only. Then what if one says that I’ll do both? Let’s discuss (???)  about these things today as I see that this is one of the most important topics in the UOM (University of Moratuwa.)                                 If you ask your Engineering student friends to come to the university on a Saturday to do a project work or some other thing you will most probably find most of them refusing. But why? The answer is CIMA classes. The important question is this. Why do they still insist on doing CIMA (Qualifying as they say.) being in the university of Moratuwa, a recognized institution for higher studies in the field of Engineering sciences. (A field where a lot of new creative, active minds are needed instead of  some passive minds that just follow the procedures.)                                 Oh! My dear friends d…

Does Akon's concert matter???

These  days a lot of news circulating among a certain portion of society about the proposed Akon's  tour of Sri Lanka.But I think that there is no need to worry about it that much because this tour doesn't affect or even doesn't have an effect on the majority of Sri Lankan society, the rural community. So, Who are talking about this tour? People in some educational circles such as universities ( radical youth ) , some others who have become followers of western culture and some other religious circles are engaged in this discussion.( or debate.) In fact I have seen a page on Facebook protesting against this tour. They say  that Akon should not be allowed to perform in Sri Lanka because he had disgraced Buddhism in the                         When talking about the western culture , it has its own deficiencies. Though it is based on jew- Christian traditions western culture no longer need religion to heal their souls;(As we can see they use oth…

IPL 2010


Guys, This is going to be a cool topic to talk on .In fact with the IPL fever catching us it is going to be really cool. Firstly I must state that I am not a (ardent) fan of  any team.But I prefer the teams with higher number of Sri Lankan players. So,The team comes first is Punjab Kings Xi who has a Sri Lankan captain ( Not to mention the other reason.) Though they seem to have a lean series again.They have had faith in three of Sri Lankan quality players. Sangakkara, Mahela & Kulasekara. Then comes Delhi Daredevils. They include Sri Lankan Master Blaster of the modern age, Dilshan & Sri Lankan McGrath, Maharoof. I think that they missed the last year trophy by a whisker being very close to the coveted trophy.Then comes Mumbai Indians. Though they seem to have the best team in each and every tournament it is pity to watch they surrender each and every other team . They too have had faith in Politician turned age old master, Sanath and Sr…

Truth (Harsh)

Image Truth...I know that it could be harsh sometimes.We as engineering students have to accept the truth as it is.But as humans we cannot blame the temptation to go against it . So,what we under go at the university of Moratuwa gives a good example of this.After a very competitive field selection exam we (I) managed to obtain good marks enough to go to Electronics  Department.(Please don't think that I am boasting about it. ),But I chose to go to civil department with my high GPA.(Grade Point Average).But the sadest thing is that (Though I am with a higher GPA) I always have to defend myself .(As I think...) Every body asks me" (Oh God !!!) why did you choose Civil?(Yuck!!!)?" Even most of my learned collegues in the university  asks me the same question. What is the problem in the Civil field? I cannot understand.(I will have to agree that majority in the Civil department just landed there ;(Am I contradicting …