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Leks on the blog

Guys,This is my first post.So I still can't understand the full potential of the blog.So I wanted to post some thing on the blog and to view it as some small children do.I will take some time to enter the professional blogging community and as I said earlier this just an attempt to observe the potentials of the blog. I hope to raise my views on the world, where it's heading today,whether it's right or wrong, and some aspects of life such as love, courage bravery and so on. So I will comment on philosophy, politics,love, truth...... Hmmm did I say that I 'd comment on politics. I think that one should not express his political views publicly as it can affect inter-personal relationships.One would argue that doesn't matter as we are not that much influencing people.At this point I will stop since I shouldn't waste much more words to say that I am afraid of it.SO CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!.( This coward thinks that one should think of the consequences of the word…