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The Condemned!

Since it has become a hotly debated topic in Sri Lanka, I have somewhat closely followed the ongoing wave of protests, both against &  in favour of South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) & as a complete outsider to the Medical Profession, I have found the lack of Analysis on display (from both Sides) to be a huge disappointment, especially since number crunching is what I do for living.
Therefore, I wish to go ranting on few details which I happened to find on internet. (Well, I happened to find them because I searched for them!)
Is Private Education the Solution for the aggravating problem of lack of opportunities for Higher Education in Sri Lanka?

As you can clearly observe, in the Year of 2010, out of the 265, 388 candidates who sat for GCE (A/L), 142,415 were able to reach the Qualification Levels required for Higher Education in their respective streams. (For the sake of argument, Bio, Maths, Commerce & Arts only) As it can be seen, 61.03% of the can…