IPL 2010

Guys, This is going to be a cool topic to talk on .In fact with the IPL fever catching us it is going to be really cool. Firstly I must state that I am not a (ardent) fan of  any team.But I prefer the teams with higher number of Sri Lankan players. So,The team comes first is Punjab Kings Xi who has a Sri Lankan captain ( Not to mention the other reason.) Though they seem to have a lean series again.  They have had faith in three of Sri Lankan quality players. Sangakkara, Mahela & Kulasekara. Then comes Delhi Daredevils. They include Sri Lankan Master Blaster of the modern age, Dilshan & Sri Lankan McGrath, Maharoof. I think that they missed the last year trophy by a whisker being very close to the coveted trophy.  Then comes Mumbai Indians. Though they seem to have the best team in each and every tournament it is pity to watch they surrender each and every other team . They too have had faith in Politician turned age old master, Sanath and Sri Lankan fast bowling pocket rocket, Malinga. Then comes Chennai Super Kings. Though they are headed by high minded Indian captain, Dhoni, it doesn’t prevent me from loving them too because they have Sri Lankan maestro , Murali, and Sri Lanka’s two young prospects, Kapugedara & Modern day Lance Klusner in Sri Lanka, Thisara Perera. Though not being a favourite  of mine in last two seasons  Kolkata Knight Riders too have impressed me in this series  with their single performance so far. That is just because of the performance of Modern day Sri Lankan  Michael Beven, Angelo Mathews. Other teams Deccan chargers, Rajasthan Royals, Bangalore Royal Challengers do not impress me very much for reasons I do not know. In fact I hate Rajasthan Royals of high minded beauty Shilpa Shetty, with high minded Warn, Smith and with the greatest slogger of our time Yousuf Pathan. SO GOOD LUCK TO ALL SRI LANKAN GUYS THERE. SHOW THAT WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (RUNNERS -UP) IN THIS FORMAT. Guys, IPL rocks!!!


  1. Machn, let them play their game, They get money for that. Lets play our game, We get credits for that ;)

  2. I appreciate Ishan's advice. It's very much closer to the truth.


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