CIMA or BSc .Eng.?!?

May I repeat the question? CIMA or BSc.Eng. ? Let me give you the answer. If I were to choose between them  I’d choose BSc. Eng.only. Then what if one says that I’ll do both? Let’s discuss (???)  about these things today as I see that this is one of the most important topics in the UOM (University of Moratuwa.)
                                If you ask your Engineering student friends to come to the university on a Saturday to do a project work or some other thing you will most probably find most of them refusing. But why? The answer is CIMA classes. The important question is this. Why do they still insist on doing CIMA (Qualifying as they say.) being in the university of Moratuwa, a recognized institution for higher studies in the field of Engineering sciences. (A field where a lot of new creative, active minds are needed instead of  some passive minds that just follow the procedures.)
                                Oh! My dear friends don’t take me as a hypocrite. It’s true that I do not possess the money needed to do CIMA, with me at the moment. But please try to answer my question why I should do CIMA. I hear most of my friends talk about their CIMA classes.(In fact they seem to eat CIMA, drink CIMA, walk CIMA and talk CIMA.) But it is very strange to say that I feel disgusted or boring to hear what they talk.( As most of you too will find.) .When they have to make a speech in our English time slot they talk about 5S, JIT ( or another shit :- this is as I have heard it being pronounced) or another. They don’t feel the beauty of the language and they don’t try to feel it either.( In fact they seem to feel the beauty of  nothing other than CIMA .)                        
                                Up to now I released my wrath on those who do CIMA, in fact on CIMA itself. Now let’s  consider facts in a more calm and unbiased way. I think that as Engineers (to be) we have to do a great service to the mankind by inventing new things, developing production processes ( not as described in CIMA courses),as a whole uplifting the sate of living of the mankind. We have ”the” theory(??? I doubt it -this is another matter which should be talked later. Whether we can use the word “the” there.)We can use our Engineering knowledge and the capacity to do that. Let the CIMA people do the marketing as they wish.( We could not let that either, we can see the impact of their marketing on the world today.:- Forgive me if I seem to be overaggressive.)But I personally think that management and marketing is not a job for Engineers. It is very disgusting to be a member of a project team which take user health and sales promotion as their main objectives and assign weights of 0.4 to user health and 0.6 to sales promotion. So, I think marketing kills the human inside an Engineer.
                                When we talk about management there is no need to search www to get management theories, we as Buddhists have the best management principles with us. We (Our ancestors ) built huge Stupas ,tanks  and world wonders like Sigiriya.( I doubt whether their idea was to build world wonders:-which world, think….).But do not make the mistake of thinking that we have all our management principles there in the Dhamma padha or Thripitakas. We have to build our own management principles based on that.
                                So, my dear friends do not make the mistake of thinking that world is based on CIMA or world acts on the theories of CIMA.(or any other science) CIMA ( or any other science) is just an interpretation on world economy and management by some wise ( I do really mean that.) men.( They have created the knowledge for others to follow.) Don’t  be strict followers of these theories. But I cannot blame the temptation to make quick money ( as some Harvard University MBAs have done in Wall street :-sarcasm again.) and  the illusion to be a CEO. So, my dear friends don’t  run after jobs but make jobs run after you being good Engineers. 


  1. They do CIMA cz they need higher salaries bn ;) .

    "But I personally think that management and marketing is not a job for Engineers"

    I personally think that an engineer should be able to take up challenges from any field. Thats why we are called " මැවිසුරුවෝ" ;)

    Anywy, nice post bn. I really njoyed readn it. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Pasuwata Liyami:
    @ Ishan
    I think that the salary is not important.( Not to the extent of happiness that you gain from doing new things).However I think that you are right about that.

  3. doing cima is only to get the key..not to keep it on de head and worship..just use it to go to our destiny

  4. @ Poorna
    You agree with me on the point. Don't you?

  5. Nice article malli..But I have to say knowledge of Management,Marketing,Economic and Accounting will make a better Engineer of you.
    But most of person who following CIMA in their undergraduate period have an intentions of having parallel careers and give up one career at a particular time. I think more appropriate way should be use of the management knowledge and skills to the success of engineering career.
    By the way I highly appreciate you view regarding the Buddhism and I think that two entities can not be compare ,as the motives of Anglo Saxon based Management theories are totally different from Buddism, where previous teach that how to satisfy the unlimited needs from the limited (Scarce) resources in contrary to Buddhism which teach limit the needs ( through destroying the desire by understanding the process) and attain the permanent happiness . Anyway there is no argument on your point that we should build our own knowledge system based on our culture which is more sustainable in long time.
    If I come back to the subject again , the practice is that engineer has to defend his work/decision/design in front of other professionals in other disciplines( Managers/Marketeers etc.) and i think it is the correct way of doing that as well. Because,it is not significant whether how sophisticated the engineers design but the more significant is whether it will economically ( and environmentally) viable, and whether there is a market for the product.
    I hope you will take my comment in the correct spirit. Keep up your good works....

  6. @ Ysela Ayya
    Thanks Ayya. I have to agree with you when you say that we have to defend our work ,decision and design in front of managers and marketeers,so,we should posses some knowledge on those matters. Yes That is the reality in the world. But ayya I dream of a world where there are no marketeers or managers to govern our needs.( Oh I am not a socialist!!!)And where we can satisfy our humble needs in a more humble way as Buddha has preached. But I know that it will not be a possibility with the modern trend.:-But I personally think that this mass destruction of resources, in fact the earth, should be or will be stopped somewhere in future.There are two ways ;Either humans or all the other flora and fauna will be gone forever.( Remember "the practice is that engineer has to defend his work/decision/design"; I am doing that) But finally I have to agree with you ayya on the reality. Thanks again ayya. This is the longest ever comment on one of my posts and it is really encouraging.

  7. So true machn,,,I got this idea pretty recently.Coz I watched "3 idiots" film on last thursday.Dis matter is discusd in the film.Actually when I heard dat my friends are doin CIMA,I told my parents dat I also wanna do CIMA.They laughd n said "u r goin to be n engineer!! no use of dat.." he he.Anyway good 2 c a post lik dis.:-)

  8. here I've found one real engineering student !!!
    proud of you Leks,

    most of my CIMA friends don't know what are they going to achieve after completing the course. It's so pathetic that students are misled. CIMA itself has been marketed and becoming a trend now.
    Parents urge children to do it somehow even without knowing the abbreviated meaning of four letters.

    one last thing to keep in mind, "Don't follow the herd" just simple :)

  9. Thanks Brother. Anyway the article is a few years old. And ironically I'm no more a good Engineering student!


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