With great power comes great responsibility!

 These words are applicable to anyone, no matter who he is, what he does, whether he is educated or not, or whether is alive or dead! Even the dead have a great responsibility not to disturb the living! And the living should not disturb the dead either. A small child has the responsibility to learn and his teacher has the responsibility to educate him. A teenager has the responsibility to withstand his physical and mental changes, fully understanding them and his parents have the responsibility to assist him. So, the list goes on. When we climb up on the social ladder we can observe that these more influencing men and women bear larger responsibilities than small kids and if they are unable to comply, it will cause the down fall of a country. As far as a country is concerned the two most influencing personalities are politician and media person. The reason is that they play games with the minds of the people of the country, knowingly or not knowingly. Both can do either moving the country forward or dragging back the country’s forward march.
                                As I have stated earlier I do not want to talk about politics in my blog, since I need not to walk into some deep s**t. So, I will try not to talk about our politicians and media personnel, who are acting as if they were kids. But I will talk about how their counterparts have behaved in the past and continue to. Israel has bombed down thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza strip and NATO has targeted thousands innocent civilians either in Iraq or Afghanistan during the past few years. Our great colonial ancestor, GREAT britain too involved in this. See the responses by the world media or by the super power politicians over the media. I cannot justify what they have done in the past or what they are doing right now, but I just want to point out the professionalism, these politicians and media posses. (Sherlock Holmes says that it is not the crime what is fascinating, but the professionalism or the craftsmanship of the criminal, to a detective like him.)
                                Have you ever heard a single one of them complaining against his or her (Because our beloved aunts Hillary of America and Angela of Germany are there…) country. Just a day after Israel army bombed Gaza strip, (last year, I think) Israeli Prime Minister was on media. What was the message he conveyed?  HE SAID “ISRAELI GOVERNMENT FIRMLY STANDS BY ITS DECISION TO BOMB THE GAZA STRIP AS A “SAFETY MEASUREMENT” AND WOULD NOT LET ANY ISRAELI SOLDIER FACE CHARGES OF WAR CRIMES”. That is what the Israeli government said after committing such a brutal act. But just look at the degree of professionalism involved in that brutality. This was the more so-called peaceful government of Ehud Olmert, not the more aggressive one of Benjamin Netanyahu  .They were in the opposition at that time.Did they ran to the UN office in Geneva crying “Our government is violating human rights”?. No, they didn’t. We know that they have violated human rights. But still they (the opposition party) didn’t do that. Why?  They (The Israeli opposition party) had perfectly understood that it was the nation’s interests they were putting at stake if they do it. And they needed not t tarnish the country’s image. If you take opposition parties in any other (at least these so-called developed; India and China are exceptions) country the situation is the same.
                                And something about media counterparts. Though they teach us about this so-called “freedom of speech”, when American President ordered them not to give numbers in reporting the World Trade Center incident they just surrendered. They didn’t utter a single word. They didn’t want to give Osama Bin Laden the happiness of knowing how many he had killed. Thanks to that we still do not know how dearly that incident costs to the great nation of America. So, it is a proven fact that WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.
                                And one more question finally. Do you think that Indian opposition party B(haratiyar)J(anataa)P(arty), would  ever urge Indian government not to use heavy weaponry (Still it is not needed, I think. But if the trend continues it might be. I think still it is the Indian police, not the Indian army is taking on them.) in crushing Maoist terrorists ? If not, why? Food for thought!


  1. yea we sri lankans, always highlight the other's responcibilities negelecting our own...AW when it comes to politics, 'might is right' and not 'right is might'.isn't it...
    problam of our politicians is that there are too many of them... instead of statesman..

  2. @ Yasela Ayya:
    First I should thank you for the comment. Yes, you are right when you say that "problem of our politicians is that there are too many of them... instead of statesman". Totally agree. But I think that even the politicians should comply with what the country asks from them. It's true that their vision is only for the next election. But I playing with the country's image for an election is a very dangerous thing.

  3. The powers of economy and technology has made them as all mighty states who make their own rules and amend.The law of jungle is universal as far as the Geo political arena is concerned.They define all the things and we are forced to follow that definition.But if we can stand with our own vision that will be great until this day we hail the all mighty states ..... amen...

  4. @ poorna:
    I can do nothing but agree with you when you say that jungle law rules the world. But the thing I wanted to emphasis was that the professionalism these politicians and media posses not taking account what they do. They never utter a single word that goes against their country. They never put their country's interests at stake. The most recent example is the resignation of German President, He had stated that Germany joined Afgan war due to merely economic reasons. Later it became a big news then he resigned after understanding that he has tarnished the country's image.But look at ours. They can tell anything and get away with it.


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