This is the New Year period…

As I have stated this is the New Year period. Some may ask “So? “ In fact this New Year season reminds us our valuable arts and traditions. This is the high time to correct our mistakes and what we think our mistakes. So I too will try to correct one thing that I think is a mistake. My blog is “ Lek’s Sammuthi world at a glance.”Some may expect to be a Sinhala blog when they see the blog title. As I too feel that it should be a Sinhala blog I thought of making my blog a Sinhala one.
                So, from today onwards my blog will be a Sinhala blog. But to avoid some facts that I think are disadvantages ( Is this a property lost statement???)I would try write to write in both Sinhala and English. First of all I want to improve my English language( Kadda in the campus.)And I don’t want to lose my friends who cannot use Sinhala properly.
                Actually it is very easy for me to type in English. And I personally think that my style of writing is enhanced and ably supported by English language. However I would try my best to make my new posts too are attractive as the others have been. And I will try to publish English translations of the new posts too.(This is the first translation.).So, from today onwards you will be friends in my bilingual world. I hope that it will be a new experience for you.
                So my dear friends I wish you a Happy New Year!!! ( I don’t know whether it is too early to wish.)


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