Await.... many things are going to happen.

With the Sinhala Hindu new year is around the corner, I have thought of doing few changes to my blog .The first one is that I have changed my URL to a shorter one.So, I feel that I have created some difficulties for my friends in finding the blog .( I don't know whether you can find find it easily because you are the followers of my blog. ;My technical knowhow is that good.Huh!).To name a few my blog guru, Ishan,Poorna of එන්න අදහස් වලට ඉඩ දෙන්න Kanishka of  Kaniyage satahana,Omindu,Thisara,Sudharaka of Pocket in the Socket ( Or vice versa) ,Specially Yasela Ayya of Civil Enginner,and my new found friends Octa Helix,and Udaraya.... .However I sent all of you messages saying that I have changed my URL.I don't know whether you have read that. And I would be glad if one of you can correct if there are any misconceptions of mine regarding this technical matter.                                                                                                                   You will find this post is relatively shorter and full of errors. In fact I am in great hurry because I have to face a damn exam tomorrow. So, please  don't mind. And keep in mind "Await.....many things are going to happen."


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