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Guys,This is my first post.So I still can't understand the full potential of the blog.So I wanted to post some thing on the blog and to view it as some small children do.I will take some time to enter the professional blogging community and as I said earlier this just an attempt to observe the potentials of the blog. I hope to raise my views on the world, where it's heading today,whether it's right or wrong, and some aspects of life such as love, courage bravery and so on. So I will comment on philosophy, politics,love, truth...... Hmmm did I say that I 'd comment on politics. I think that one should not express his political views publicly as it can affect inter-personal relationships.One would argue that doesn't matter as we are not that much influencing people.At this point I will stop since I shouldn't waste much more words to say that I am afraid of it.SO CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!.( This coward thinks that one should think of the consequences of the words before the are uttered.) When I am on to philosophy I'd concentrate more on Constructive Relativity, which is relatively new to most of us though it has been evolved in Sri Lankan soil.Scholars like Prof. Nalin de Silva, Gunadasa Amarasekara are engaged in this school of thought.Then the journey on truth coincides with the exploration in philosophy. And I hope to talk about love and other human qualities.When talking about love I am happy to brand my self as an idealist who thinks that love and s** are two complete emotions in human mind that one doesn't have a job to do with the other.Then I hope to fill some of the void spaces of the blog with my comments on my favourite sport:- Cricket.Well, this is my summary on the blog and I hope that you (DO NOT) enjoy it. Please KIT!!!


  1. Wow,nice to see our small master becmn a blogger.Welcome to the club bro :)

    BTW, U better nt view your political views on a blog,even I accpt dt. ;)

    Oh,You are gonna talk about love,eh?? wow,great great !!
    Im counting repenlesly to read sme of those love relatd posts of yours :)

    (& also,plz remove dz wrd verification)


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